Sunday, March 13, 2011

Roger Goodell, Making $1 & Still Overpaid

Roger "the Puppet" Goodell
FAILED! As commissioner of the NFL, Roger Goodell was unable to accomplish one of his main responsibilities, which is settling disputes between his employees. You have to give him some credit for staying relatively busy by cracking his whip on "important" issues like excessive celebrations & compulsive tweeting. Determining fine amounts and suspension lengths for these menacing acts that were ruining the league, has really left him no time to do much more at work.

After realizing that there would be a ton of public backlash if he continued to collect his $10 million per a year salary, Roger decided to save face and cut it down to $1 for the time being. To go along with this, he also told the compensation committee to hold all his bonuses until a lockout solution is reached. This is a very courageous act and I am sure that he will struggle through these times of financial hardship. Undoubtedly, once the courts figure out a solution to his problem, Roger will more than make up the money he has given back with his generosity.

In my eyes, $1 is way more than this failure deserves for his "services". In a normal workplace, the leader of a company that currently has no income coming in would be given his walking papers immediately. Why should the NFL be any different then the rest of the world? Roger Goodell inherited a job with a very profitable corporation, and failed to find a solution to the only real issue lingering over the league since 1987. The NFL should look into suing Goodell to try and recover the money he stole from them during his time as commissioner.

Maybe we do have to cut Roger a little slack, since he has only had since September 1st, 2006 to find a solution to the issue at hand.


  1. I like your blog. Good and accurate commentary. You're right, Goodell is more interested in being a talking head for the owners than he is in delivering us football in 2011.

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