Sunday, March 13, 2011

Mr Perfect - Blake Griffin's New Look

Blake Griffin is pimpin!
Who doesn't love Blake Griffin? The guy is an unbelievable talent that produces basketball highlights on a nightly basis. In a few months, he will undoubtedly be the next NBA Rookie of the Year. Couple this award along with the 2011 Slam Dunk Championship and the 2009 John R. Wooden Award for the College Player of the Year, and it seems like the man can do anything. And by anything, I do mean just that....

The ladies love Blake-a-mania which probably does not surprise many of you. The guy is built like a Greek God and looks pretty slick both on and off the court (I have no man crush, I swear). But when Mr. Griffin gets bored with the look that we have all grown accustomed too, he proceeds to shows us why his talents really have no boundaries.

Thanks to for this gem
So these pictures surfaced showing the human highlight reel participating in a little know hobby of his, cross-dressing. I have to admit that the blond hair does looks pretty natural on him and that he fills out that pink top pretty well too. I don't see anything wrong with this style on Blake, he is still the man in my book.

OK, things just got weird. Not only is Blake wearing a skirt and wig, but he is now prancing around a field, proudly showing off this awkward look. Anymore guys can get away with wearing some pretty goofy stuff, but even Blake is going to have trouble selling this look to the public.

The only reason I wrote this article is because I can't seem to find anyone that has a single bad thing to say about Blake Griffin. Both ESPN and NBA TV gush about how unbelievable he is and they worship his every move. Hell, even my wife loves the guy, and I don't think that she has ever even seen him play in a game. Honestly, if these pictures are the worst PR issue that Blake ever has, then he has nothing to worry about with his career. It looks like our guy was just trying to have a little fun and that he has no problem if that fun comes at the expense of his own dignity. Regardless of his cross-dressing past, the man is a beast on the basketball court. He seems like an all around great guy and has a chance to be one of the best basketball players that we have ever seen!

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